We are looking for an ambitious individual to join our technology-driven New Home Sales Team. 

We want a driven self-starter whose strong motivation for financial reward and natural leadership compels them to go the extra mile. We want an experienced salesperson eager to learn our way of doing things and willing to be mentored.

The ideal candidate is a first-rate team player with a work-ethic bordering on obsessive. We want the perfect fit to our team dynamic, so your disposition is critical.

We want someone who’s looking to grow with our company for 10+ years.

Our pay structure is unique and generous for our industry in that we offer a base salary, as well as a no-cap bonus structure based on closed transactions. This is not a commission position, but we expect you to sell like it is. This position is ideal for those willing to work as hard as it takes to close a deal. Yes, that means nights and weekends.

As a New Home Sales Associate, you will be trained by our licensed Sales Manager and our Senior New Home Sales Specialist on all aspects of our process. This apprenticeship-style training is designed to educate the Associate on every detail of Riptide’s unique build and sales processes.


  • Successful completion of a pre-employment drug and background screening.

  • Must possess a clean, dependable vehicle accommodating at least 2 passengers.

  • Competitive spirit with a strong drive for financial reward.

  • Provide exceptional service to colleagues and clients alike.

  • Learning mindset willing to grow with the company.

  • Exceptional problem-solving skills and ability to pivot as situations evolve.

  • Ability to use technology effectively and learn new skills quickly.

  • Understand construction plans, blueprints, and site plans.

  • Outstanding communication and closing skills.

  • Professional appearance and demeanor.

Pay: $40,000-$50,000 based on experience with a no-cap bonus per closing.

Bonus: Paid after each closing. Each team member negotiates their bonus payout with ownership. The higher the performance, the higher the bonus. There is no cap on the bonus payments with potential for 6 figure annual income. Incumbent eligible for bonus after 6 months of employment and a positive 6 month review.

Benefits: 10 days paid vacation per year, 5 paid sick/personal time, 6 paid holidays; 401(K)


Incumbent will begin an apprentice period for up to 6 months where they will learn:

-Our build process and communication with build team

-Standard features, differences in plans/elevations

-Apps (MLS, Docusign, Adobe Pro, Zipforms), company forms, checklists

-Upgrade options, pricing and follow up

-Sales policies (deposits, change orders, contingencies, etc.)

Post-apprenticeship responsibilities include:

-Sit duty in our Sunset Beach Design Center and any future model homes as scheduled,

-Periodically visit competition to compare specs, pricing and market presence,

-Connect with local realtors and act as an ambassador for Riptide,

-Follow-up with each lead documenting every interaction in company CRM,

-Guide leads through our model/in-progress homes, show available lots, review floor plans, explain standard vs upgrade features and easily explain why Riptide is different than competitors,

-Draft sales contract and secure Sales Manager approval before sending to client,

-Review contract/addenda with clients and their Realtors to ensure understanding on all

sides reducing company liability,

-Manage all change/upgrade requests, from obtaining pricing to drafting paperwork,

-Participate in team meetings, understand team objectives and anticipate team needs.