Riptide Builders deeply values our local real estate professionals. We are eager to assist your clients and to compensate you for your efforts. Like most builders, we have a strict policy that a Realtor®/Broker must accompany their clients on the initial visit to our Design Center, Model Home or property showing.

You should then register your clients at You will receive confirmation via email valid for 60 days. You further represent that you obtained authorization from your client to provide us their contact information.

Realtor®/Broker registrations made AFTER a client’s initial contact will not be honored. If your client begins the Riptide new home process after the initial 60 day registration period AND you have not renewed their registration, you will not be listed as the Selling Agent on the contract nor receive any compensation.

While Realtor®/Brokers are always welcome to accompany their clients, as long as you have a confirmed registration email you no longer need to attend future meetings with our Sales Team.

If your client initially registered with Riptide Builders as an unrepresented buyer through the internet, phone, public event or model home, there will be no Selling Agent listed on the contract unless your clients specifically tell our Sales Team you are their Realtor®/Broker at the initial design meeting.

Any disputes among Realtors®/Brokers will be resolved by Riptide Builders in its sole discretion prior to paying any commission. When there are two or more existing registrations for the same client by multiple Realtors®/Brokers, Riptide Builders will only recognize the registration by the first Realtor®/Broker to validly register (or re-register) clients during the time in question.

Often, we are asked by clients that if they don't have Realtor®/Broker will we lower our sales price. We love working with Realtors, and as such, we never lower the sales price just because a client is unrepresented. Nor do we credit any commissions to a client at closing.

It is a Realtor®/Broker’s responsibility to inform his/her customers of this policy and keep in contact with his/her clients. Please assist us in reminding your office, colleagues, and clients of this.