Looking for a new construction home but you want to move-in fast and forego the stress of decision making? Then our Inventory Home Program gives you the perfect home buying experience!

We build Inventory Homes before we have a buyer and these are often available as move-in ready or in a particular stage of completion. These homes combine convenience, speed and quality construction without the long timelines or cost of a typical new construction build.

Please be aware that many buyers think our Inventory Homes and typical "spec" or "tract" homes are the same. Not true! Our Inventory Homes feature many of the same high-end features and finishes seen in our other build programs.  And, if you purchase one of our Inventory Homes before it's finished, we may be able to let you change or select some of the interior finishes, or make upgrades.

While a fully custom home can take six months to a year to complete, Inventory Homes can be yours immediately or as much as three months out. That time saved also saves you money by eliminating the problem of holding double mortgages. It also saves you the trouble and investment of finding temporary housing.

We often have a consistent schedule of Inventory Homes in progress to ensure we have several options available at various stages of completion. That way we KNOW you'll find something that will fit your family's needs.

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Check back soon to see our available Ocean Ridge homes for sale.

Personalize floor plans from our extensive library with your choice of select flooring, cabinet, tile and paint color options!

This program is our specialty and was created to give the buyer all the benefits of a custom build (plan modification and design, a variety of upgrade options, home site of your choice) with the pricing and speed of our Inventory Home Program.

This unique system not only allows us to quote the cost to you quickly and up front, but also provides access to our staff plan designer to modify one of our floor plans to make it uniquely yours. The only requirement is maintaining minimal deviation from our standard plan specifications and features. 

Choose from our lot inventory or select your dream lot and have Riptide purchase it on your behalf eliminates the need for construction financing! 

To start your dream home with Riptide, schedule a mandatory education meeting with one of our Sales Specialists at our Sunset Beach Design Center.   This initial meeting is a 2-hour session where potential clients learn everything about our program, standard features and base pricing.

With Riptide's Streamline Semi-Custom Program, you get a uniquely customized, well-appointed home that fits your budget!

For those searching for new semi-custom homes in the Sunset Beach area look no further!  We are expanding the communities that qualify for our semi-custom program daily.  Give us a call now to set up an appointment with our Sales Team 910-444-2721.

Your architect, your plan, your lot, your options!

This is our Traditional Custom Program giving you complete design control limited only by your imagination and your budget. Our pricing for this program starts at $200.00 per square foot.

The client hires an architect to design their custom floor plan and has already purchased or will purchase a suitable lot on their own.

Once the plans and design are selected, the client will then present the plans to a builder or multiple builders for a bid.  Due to the detailed nature of of the bidding process this process may take 60-90+ days.  

Each builder then reviews the plan and finalizes a build cost.  Once the client and builder have established a build cost, the client secures construction financing and builders risk insurance. Builders Risk insurance cover the client and builder in case of any accidents or liability on the job site. 

Riptide Builders will coordinate the build from lot clearing to closing.  Lot preparation costs will be taken into account at the time of pricing. 

Construction draws are due  throughout the duration of construction.

For those searching for custom new construction homes in the Sunset Beach area look no further!  Give us a call today to set up an appointment with our Sales Team 910-444-2721.