National Cut Your Energy Costs Day - Jan 10th

At this time of the year with the deep freeze affecting much of the country, homeowners are focused on ways to cut their home energy costs. January 10th has been designated National Cut Your Energy Cost Day #CutYourEnergyCostsDay       

An older home can be a real energy drain. How-to-cut-heating-and-cooling-costs and do-it-yourself energy audit articles are popping up everywhere. Homeowners, new and old, need to be proactive about their home energy efficiency.

Do you know your home’s HERS rating?   The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard measuring a home's energy efficiency. It’s also the nationally recognized system for inspecting and calculating a home's energy performance and can tell you a great deal about a home you are thinking of buying.

For older homes, top home energy drain issues include drafty windows and doors, inefficient appliances, and older heating and cooling systems. These areas can drastically affect a home’s energy costs and efficiency.

Check out our HERS blog post for details

When outside air comes in and warmed air escapes through leaky frames, your home consumes more energy than necessary. This loss can account for 10 to 25 percent of your heating costs. All new Riptide homes are caulked, sealed and tested to ensure no leakages. That's how we get such a great HERS rating. Programmable thermostats, which are standard with Riptide homes, help to regulate the homes temperature and energy use throughout the day

Older appliances and lightening can also be a large energy drain for homeowners.  Homes and residential buildings account for approximately 21 percent of total US energy use;  electricity used to power home air conditioners, lighting, refrigerators, and other appliances uses half of that, and water and space heating consume the rest.

Installing Energy Star–certified appliances, ceiling fans, and lighting, which can be up to 50 percent more efficient, will help boost your savings. Riptide builders prides itself with installing only the highest Energy-Star certified appliances and fixtures to ensure a highly energy efficient home every time. 

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day encourages people to look for ways to reduce energy costs and save on their energy bills.

Little things can save big money…

  • Weatherproof your home

  • Replace old windows with new energy-efficient windows

  • Replace old furnace with new energy-efficient furnace

  • Properly maintain furnace

  • Turn down thermostats

  • Turning off lights when leaving a room

  • Use energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs

  • Run dishwasher and washing machine only when fully loaded

  • Lower water heater temperature

  • Take shorter showers

  • Unplug unused appliances

  • Buy a Riptide Home

…and will help you to create energy and financial savings the entire year.

Scheduling an appointment to get your heating system tuned up, is one of the many ways to participate on January 10 for National Cut Your Energy Costs Day.  Did you know that tuning up your heating system can save you up to three to ten percent? #CutYourEnergyCostsDay