Preparing Your Home for Fall

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In North Carolina we most definitely feel all four seasons but more times than not it seems that fall only last for a short time and then it’s winter. Take the time this season to prepare your home for the colder months while it’s still enjoyable to be outside!

Here are some steps you can take in preparing your home:

Exterior Prep

  • If your home has a chimney, have it cleaned out and inspected.

  • Clean your gutters and tighten any loose railings.

  • Make sure your winter tools are clean and ready to use at a moments notice.

  • Drain and store your lawn equipment - and to save you a little extra time, make sure your mower blades are sharpened for next season!

  • Test your generator; you can never be too safe.

  • Turn off and drain outdoor faucets and sprinklers.

  • Pressure wash your driveway to remove any mildew, dirt, hidden rocks it might have gathered to keep the surface less slippery.

  • Prepare your pool for colder months.

  • Stock up on firewood.

  • Check your furnaces and/or boilers to ensure they are working properly.

  • Cut back bushes and shrubs.

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Interior Prep

  • Hang heavier curtains to help keep the cold out. This will also help with your electric bill because you won’t feel the need to crank up the heat!

  • Inspect your windows and doors to keep the warm air inside and the cold air outside.

  • Reverse the direction of your fans.

  • Replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors.

  • Clean humidifiers and replace old air filters.

  • Wash windows and blinds.

  • Turn and flip area rugs if applicable to prevent uneven wear.

  • Get your HVAC serviced.

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Fun prep

  • Plant fall bulbs for spring flowers.

  • Bring out your more cozy bedding for those cold nights!

  • Decorate your porch with some plaid pillows and maybe add some window boxes.

  • Add a fall wreath to your front door.

  • Bring out the pumpkins and pretty soon Christmas lights!

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